The Binding Of Isaac Afterbirth

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Similar to the original, Rebirth is a top-down 2D dungeon crawler game where the player controls the character Isaac (or 10 unlockable characters) as he adventures throughout his mother’s basement, fighting off monsters and collecting power-ups.Ultimately, the player aims to first defeat Isaac’s mother while she tries to crush him underfoot, then moves to inside her, upon while the player must defeat Isaac’s mom’s own heart. Rebirth is considered a roguelike-like game; the dungeon levels are procedurally generated into a number of rooms including at least one boss battle, and the game has permadeath: once the chosen character dies from taking too much damage, the game is over and the player will have to restart. Rebirth allows the player to save the state of the game, allowing them to quit the game during a run, and then come back later to finish that run, though this save state is deleted upon restarting the game.

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