Bladestorm: Nightmare (Xbox One)

Publisher: Tecmo KOEI
Developer: Omega Force

SKU: M01400104
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  • Bladestorm: Nightmare’ is a strategy game where the player takes the role of a mercenary and chooses to fight either for England or for France in missions inspired by real events and battles of the era dubbed ‘the Hundred Years War'(1337-1453).
  • The new mode allows the player to take control of an additional 32 playable characters, based both on fictional and prominent historical figures of the time like Edward- the Black Prince-, the legendary Jean D’Arc, or the astute military leader and knight La Hire among others.
  • Revisiting one of the longest and most politically unstable periods in European history, players can assume command of different kinds of army units and also develop their own unique character, increase their fame, gold, and army and complete various missions irrespective of sides and loyalty.

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