DMC (Devil May Cry): Definitive Edition XBOX One

Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Ninja Theory

SKU: M01400100
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SR208.95 SR261.45
  • Enjoy all of the stylish action gameplay from the original game plus brand new modes and content.
  • New Vergil’s Bloody Palace Mode throw down the gauntlet as Dante’s twin brother Vergil against 60 waves of enemies in a challenging new Bloody Palace Mode.
  • Experience the endlessly deep, fast-paced combat and high quality production values of DmC running at a smooth 60fps with 1080p support.
  • Brand new gameplay modes for the hardcore DmC players
  • A long-standing Devil May Cry tradition, Turbo Mode increases gameplay speed by 20% for even faster, more intense combat.
  • Features hours of additional gameplay, plus modes include Hardcore Mode, Must Style Mode, and Gods Must Die Mode and content brand new to DmC Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition all in one polished package.

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