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Online Exclusive | حصري للموقع

‘Rat Trap’ is an action packed game of skill and chance which is quick, fun, and great to play with friends or all the family! Steal the cheese but watch out! Don’t get caught by the Rat Trap! Throw the dice to see how many slices of cheese you must take from the stack. Pick the cards, but watch out!! If you get caught by the trap you cannot pick up any more slices of cheese.

The objective is to collect as many slices as you can before you get caught by the Rat Trap!

You then sum out the values below the cheese slices and the highest number wins!

This game is for 1 + players and lasts approx. 15 mins. Suitable for ages 3 and above.

  • Suitable for 1+ players!
  • Game of skill and chance!
  • Ideal for playing with friends and family!
  • Fun and exciting!

Contents: 1 mouse trap, 40 cheese cards, 1 dice.

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