قبضة تحكم اكس بوكس ون الآليت

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قبضة تحكم اكس بوكس ون الآليت
The new, faceted D-pad enables easier and more reliable combo execution, while the traditional D-pad provides precise control to change weapons or call in a strike.
  • Swap between a variety of metal thumbsticks and D-pads for personalized control and ergonomics.
  • Interchangeable paddles
  • Fire faster and save precious time with the flip of the Hair Trigger Locks. Each trigger has one for independent control.
  • Stainless steel thumbstick shafts, D-pads, and paddles are built to last.
  • Customize your experience even further with the easy-to-use app. Adjust trigger min/max values, thumbstick sensitivities, and button assignments, so the controls are exactly the way you want them.

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