XBox One 500GB Kinect + 7 Games

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XBox One console Bundle includes:

  • XBox One 500GB with Kinect
  • Forza Horizon 2 Game
  • Project Spark Game
  • Gears of war Game
  • ORI Game
  • Fifa 16 Game
  • Rare code DLC
  • Zoo Tycoon Code DLC
XBox One

Powerful processing 8-core x86 processor with 8GB of RAM

Storage of 500GB hard drive give you plenty of memory for your games, demos, movies, apps, music, and more.

Watch movies and play games in crystal-clear HD with the Xbox One’s Blu-ray capabilities in Optical drive.

You can also switch quickly to apps, and connect with family and friends with Skype in HD.

Connect your cable or satellite box to your Xbox One and prepare for lift off. HDMI pass-thru enables you to watch TV through your Xbox, which makes switching inputs seem almost pre-historic.

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