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Retrogaming, also known as classic gaming and old school gaming, is the playing or collecting of older personal computer, console, and arcade video games in contemporary times.

Retro Gaming

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PlayStation Classic Console...

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Price SAR269.00

The first PlayStation changed everything. And now you can relive the era that changed gaming forever with the new PlayStation Classic. Preloaded with 20 of the best PlayStation games, PlayStation Classic is a miniature recreation of the original PlayStation console and includes a HDMI cable to connect directly to a TV.

Sega Genesis Flashback HD...

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Price SAR399.00

Sega Genesis flashback with 85 games built-in, including favorite Sega games: Sonic and Golden axe series.

Comes with two 2.4G wireless Controllers and supports HDMI output (720p HD display).

Features: Sonic series.