Credit Card

Payment for licenses or products can be made by credit card (Visa, MasterCard and American Express), electronic wire transfers, and personal or corporate checks made payable to Tokyo Games. If a credit card is utilized to make a purchase, the cardholder’s name, as it appears on the card, must be provided along with the expiration date. Credit card fraud is illegal and violations are subject to prosecution in accordance with Saudi Arabia law.

After receiving bank’s confirmation (24 hours), order will processed and will be delivered to the shipping address; Delivery of your order will be through either Tokyo Games delivery team or through Aramex (whichever is faster); Any purchase after 8pm will be subject to an additional 12 hours delay from the bank to confirm payment. When more than one credit card is being used to pay the same order at the checkout, the order will not be processed until a copy of the national Id or Iqama is provided along with a copy of the used credit card showing the last 4 digits. >> Failure to provide the requested identification documents will result in refunding the order amount into the bank’s account where the customer will have to contact it back in order to release back that amount, after providing proof of identification for security purposes.

When paying using American Express cards, only those issued from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will be accepted.