Philips Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with backlit SPK8605

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  • 7-way ambiglow lighting, High-speed mechanical keys, Full key N-rollover
  • Dialed-in mechanical cyan switches for fast reaction: The most popular mechanical switches for gaming keyboards, Cyan mechanical switches offer gamers a light tactile clicky key for rapid activation and performance.
  • Full-key roll over anti-ghosting for complex fast inputs: Fast complex gaming key strokes demand advanced performance. With full N-key rollover every key is registered independently without confusion so that each keystroke is correctly registered regardless of how many other keys are being pressed or held down at the time.
  • 50 million keystroke lifespan: How long does it take to get to 50 million keystrokes? A long time. Familiar and reliable this keyboard is built to last for many years of fast action.