Razer Kiyo Full HD Streaming Web Camera

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Forget setting up several lights just to get decent on-camera illumination. The Razer Kiyo maintains even and flattering lighting on you, and eliminates harsh shadows. Plus, with adjustable brightness levels, getting the right amount is a breeze.


The Razer Kiyo Top-Streamern was developed and tested. This Desktop Streaming camera has a powerful ring light with multiple brightness settings, which can be command brighter and darker. The stream can be thanks to 60 fps at full gaming quality can be recorded. The perfect camera for professional streaming.

  • Light. Camera. Action.

Don't forget to multiple lights, to establish a good lighting. The Razer Kiyo retains a uniform and schmeichelnde lighting and eliminates hard shadows. With adjustable brightness levels, it is also a child's play to the correct amount of light.

  • Sharp and liquid

Thanks to 720p at 60 fps, the Razer kiyo with each stream for consistently high image quality. This means that viewers in exactly the same way be tied as you and your image material in exactly the same way as you yourself in the game. Streams are also available in full HD 1080p at 30 FPS is possible.

  • Developed for ultimate compatibility

The Razer Kiyo supports streaming on so popular platforms such as Open Broadcaster software and Xsplit, so that remains the favorite streaming platform can be used, in order to reach the audience.