Asus ROG Gladius II Core

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The optical PAW3327 sensor at gaming level delivers a sampling rate of 200 to 6200DPI and makes the ROG Gladius II Core with precise precision the perfect tool for glorious gaming successes. With a maximum tracking speed of 6.35m/s (220 inches/s) and an acceleration of up to 30g, you are able to dodge at maximum speed and target your opponents to dominate the digital battlefield. In addition, we have also optimized the interior of the Gladius II Core. The result is a high-performance gaming mouse that is 20% lighter than the original gladius. The lower weight makes every move easier and reduces the risk of wrist pain and fatigue – so you can play longer.

  • Separate left and right keys
  • Lightweight design
  • Stable, skid-proof side grips
  • Optical sensor with up to 6200 dpi
  • Suitable for right-handed people