Gigabyte Curved Gaming Monitor 27-inch QHD G27QC A-EK

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G27QC A-EK, 4719331811334

GIGABYTE G27QC A uses a native 1500 Radius VA panel which presents you with a view closer to the human eye than a flat monitor, giving you a more immersive feeling meanwhile offering more eye comfort.

GIGABYTE G27QC A with a 165Hz refresh rate which supports Adaptive-Sync technology which puts an end to choppy gameplay and broken frames and creates a fluid and artifact-free performance at any framerate. G27QC A with a blazing fast 1ms response time to fully eliminate image lag and tearing.

GIGABYTE G27QC A go with 88% DCI-P3 wide-gamut display and also use a 8-bit color, contrast ratio 4000:1 can let you enjoy a fluent gaming experience with vibrant true colors.

The G27QC A is HDR ready which gains interest for a wide range of applications, including gaming, movie entertainment, and creation of multimedia content.

With built-in speakers, it is simpler that you’ll have fewer cables which makes your desk clutter-free.

An ideal setup for those who have a small desk or simply prefer not to use external speakers or headphones when listening to music, watching movies or even playing games.