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Vertux Tungsten Hyper Action Mechanical Gaming Keyboard MX Cherry Black with Volume Scroller

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6959144048123, VT-KB-TUNGSTEN-BLK

Extend your winning streak with Vertux Tungsten, mechanical gaming keyboard. The 104-key gaming keyboard boasts Black mechanical switches for fast actuation in lesser time. Whether you press the key for the first time or 50 millionth, enjoy clicky feedback with crisp sound every time. The stylish backlight with six customizable modes lets you enjoy every game as per your mood. Tungsten features comfortable wrist rest so that you can play as long as you want without fatigue. Separate multimedia controls allow for on-the-go adjustment while gaming. Unleash jaw-dropping performance every time with Tungsten.

Technical Specification

  • Rating: 4.25V-5.25V, 0.25A
  • Frequency: 125Hz
  • Backlight: Rainbow LED
  • Keystroke Life: 50 Million